Oakley Village Show 2.0 2020

Oakley Show 2.0 poster

Map of village stall location: Oakley Show 2020 Map v7

Guidelines for stall-holders 15 August guidelines

Not the village show..

Front Garden stalls – 15 August 2020 – 1330 – 1630 hours

The show can’t go on (Ahh..) but it takes more than a virus to keep the doughty villagers of Oakley down (Hoorah!)

So, on August 15th (which would have been the day of the show) it has been suggested that  anyone who has goods to sell might like to set up a stall in their front garden.  Some of the people who booked for the Show will be taking this opportunity to sell their cakes, plants, produce, etc. That means potential stallholders/sellers won’t miss out and people can enjoy some rambling retail therapy while supporting local small enterprises and charities.

We do need to emphasise that it will be up to individual “stallholders” to comply with any hygiene/health and safety/Covid related requirements as we cannot advise on these. However, the OCA will promote and advertise details of where “stalls” are, what they are selling and when they are “open.”

***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************It will come as a surprise to no-one that due to the current COVID 19 situation with its restrictions and regulations, we are cancelling the Village Show in August. Obviously, we are very disappointed, as back in March, we had hoped that the show might go ahead.

As for anything happening at all this year, that seems more unlikely as easing of lockdown is going to be a very gradual process. It seems, therefore, that we will almost certainly have to wait until next year before we can all enjoy another show. The good news is it gives people more time to practise for the classes they were going to enter and the committee the opportunity to plan for the best show yet!

The class Oakley’s Best Allotment will be judged in July as planned  

The judging took place on 7 July 2020 with the following results:
Winner Richard Clarke Plot 4
2nd place Sonia Ellington Plot 7
3rd place Stephen Harding Plot 3
Here are the photos of the winning plots.….first 2 are Plot 4; then Plot 7, then Plot 3 (page down to view them)

**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************See Photo Gallery for a selection of pictures from previous years.

FINAL WEB Oakley Village Show Schedule 2020_Optimized

Special note about bobby buddy crochet pattern:

  • This pattern uses US crochet terms so SC in this pattern = DC in UK terminology
  • The pattern suggests a 6mm hook, this is for a thick yarn such as aran. If you use something thinner ie DK use a smaller hook, a stuffed animal should have tight stitches so the stuffing does not show through, adjust your hook size to suit.

Update April 2020:

So, here it is, the schedule for the Oakley Village Show, 2020

Whether or not the show goes ahead, we thought we’d publish the schedule anyway so that we can all have fun growing our veg, doing our craft, making our cakes or whatever grabs our imagination. It’s all good practice and even if we don’t get to show others how to do it (or in my case, show how not to do it!), we can enjoy having a goal and a focus while we stay at home.

Ann Davis