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Oakley & Deane Fireworks 2019

Photos by Eric Askew who says, "I have shown what it takes to set up the fireworks and the complexity of the wiring. It shows the main control box and the fireworks wired up ready to go. They have polythene caps on to keep dry."

Oakley Village Show 2019

Photos from 10 August 2019 by Eric Askew, Denis McMahon & Barbara Wiseman

Oakley & Deane Firework display 2018

Photos by Barbara Wiseman & Eric Askew; also those labelled DSCN24xxx by Lorraine Milford

Village Show 2018

Photos by Tristram Reed of Oakley Camera Club: Inspection Parade 3307 & Oakley Show Opening 3335. Photos by Ken Robson: Early arrivals in the competition hall: DSCN5526, DSCN5527, DSCN5529 Photos by Colin Edwards: all named ET7C0xxx The rest were taken by Eric Askew

Oakley Fireworks Display 2017

5 Nov 2017. Pictures by Eric Askew and Harry Tilley. Fireworks by Pyrotastic.

Kids Go Wild - Bulb Planting

30 September 2017 for the annual Kids Go Wild flower bulb planting, organised by Jubiloaks

2017 Village Show

Photos by Graeme Hewitt and Eric Askew

2016 Oakley Fireworks

Fireworks by Pyrotastic; Photos by Eric Askew & Stephen Hollis

Oakley Village Show 2016

6 August 2016. Photos by Eric Askew and Chris Wassell;

Oakley Sports Weekend 2016

23 - 24 April 2016 Pictures by Eric Askew, Chris Wassell, Karen Middleton, Shelley Clarke, Jennifer Banks and Samantha Baker